Exos Performance Project
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Are you looking for unique performances to embellish your private or business occasions ? Exos Performance Project welcomes you to its dreamlike and mysterious universe to add a special touch to your events. Please feel free to click on the pictures and the orange links below to visit our website and access high-resolution pictures and videos. Bon voyage…
Suspended Service
Service Suspendu 1 This performance is not exactly a show: it rather consists of waiters / acrobats fulfilling their task upside down, suspended to a complex mechanical network of rails hanging from the ceiling.

A poetic moment that will make your head spin.
Service Suspendu 2 Service Suspendu 3 Service Suspendu 4
Aquatic Tubes Cyr Wheel
Tubes Aquatiques Roue Cyr
The Aquatic Tubes consist of two 1 meter wide by 2 meters high plexiglass cylinders, each of which contains 1400 liters of water. This mobile structure hosts two dancers illuminated by a complex set of light concealed within the tubes' base.

This aquatic universe will hypnotise your guests by cleverly combining choreography and immobility.
An artist twirling on the edge of a metallic circle like a spinning coin produces a show where the poetry of an uninterrupted motion combines to a breathtaking technical mastery.

Exos offers here a few moments as ethereal as they are dangerous for everyone’s amazement.
Vertical Rope &
Suspended Drums
Cordes lisse & Tambours suspendus Nocturnus
A solo artist evolves gracefully on a rope hanging from a 6 to 9 meters high, depending on the venue, mixing dance with acrobatics.

At her side, a couple of upside down drummers framing her performance mark each of her movements with percussions.
Perched on a 3 meters high mobile structure concealed by a long dress, this enigmatic violin player glides across the stage while performing.

This mysterious character takes the appearance of a dreamy and disproportionate human puppet, levitating above the audience.

Château H
Rue Notre Dame
31540 Saint-Julia FRANCE
Exos Performance Project